Insulated Bags


Standard Show Bag (REDESIGNED)

Sell more - recruit more!  This bag is insulated for hot and cold weather and holds over $2500 of product (retail).  We've added 4 pockets to the front of the bag for class supplies and literature.  The bag is packed using up to five standard product trays.  (Product trays are sold separately in the Insulated Bags Section). 

Weighs approximately 32 pounds when filled.  16" x 12" x 15"


Large Show Bag (REDESIGNED)

For the consultant who leaves her products in the car.  This insulated bag is twice as large as the Standar Show bag and holds twice the inventory.  We've added 6 pockets to the front of the bag for class supplies and literature. Up to ten standard product trays are suggested for maximum versatility.  (Product trays are sold separately).

Size: 24" x 16" x 15"

Organizer Trays

  • G2110 - Standard Organizer Tray Features two additional removable dividers to maximize versatility. 15"x11"x3" Price: $4.95

Insulated Wash Cloth Bag

Do you arrive at your shows with your wash cloths wet, hot and ready to use? You can now, with this insulated bag of durable waterproof nylon. Holds up to 18 wash cloths. Features a shoulder strap for ease in carrying. Machine wash/fluff dry.