New Ladder of Success Poster

18" x 24" poster laminated on both sides. This is one of our  posters for your team to fill in as you climb.

New ladder poster with the Pearl Level added.  Sapphire, ruby, diamond, emerald and pearl starts sold seperately.

New Ladder of Success Poster Set

Set Includes:

  • 1 Poster
  • 3 Sets (12) Sapphire Static Stars
  • 3 Sets (12) Ruby Static Stars
  • 1 Set (4) Diamond Static Stars
  • 1 Set (4) Emerald Static Stars

Ultimate Unit Poster

Stay on goal for Directorship by tracking your unit's progress in all the key areas.  Write names in the boxes using washable markers or crayons

Miracle Set Poster

Use this poster at your meetings to boost sales by tracking "miracle sets" sold weekly for a quarter.  A prize can be awarded for the most sets sold.

Sensational 75 Poster

18 x 24" laminated poster.  Write your unit members names inside the car as you strive for a unit of 75 members.  Can also be used to track lipsticks sold, timewise sets sold, bookings per month, etc.

Goal Poster

Set your team goal, you write it in the large starburst.  Then each month you have a starburst to write in the year to date numbers.  It is a fun way to keep everyone focused on the goal. 18"x24".

Happening at 100! Poster

Our other NEW poster. As your unit grows, have your team members write their names (with washable markers) on the lipstick tubes until you reach that magic goal of 100! 18" x 24" laminated on both sides.

Fabulous 50's Poster

18" x 24" poster laminated on both sides. This is one of our NEW posters for your team to fill in as you climb to 50 members.

Dream Team Poster

All consultants should have this poster. Beautifully done in bright yellow and black, there are 30 bees buzzing around this poster. There is room for your dream team name and as consultants become part of your unit, the team member can write her/his name on the wing of the bee. 18" x 24"

Sales Meeting Attendance Poster

This quarterly attendance chart designed for 35 unit members will emphasize the importance of attending sales meetings.

Cadillac Poster

As you are establishing your team as a Cadillac unit and yourself as a Cadillac director, you will want to have this poster as a reminder of your goal. You can chart the unit's progress by filling in the squares for each $640 order.

Cadillac Poster Set


Set Includes:

  • 1 Poster
  • 2 Sets of Operation Cadillac Postcards
  • FREE 2 Sheets of Cadillac Stickers

Unit Club Thermometer Poster

Set your unit goals in July of each year and write that number at the top. Color the thermometer in as production climbs so that your consultants can see how your unit team is doing. Use red washable marker. (sold separately)

Red Jacket Poster

Twelve Jackets outlined in red to be colored in using red washable markers or static Red Jackets as your unit members progress towards earning their "Red Jacket". A great way to recognize your Red Jacket wearers.

Statics Red Jacket clings sold in the Poster Accessories Department

Red Jacket Poster Set



  • 1 Poster
  • 12 Static Red Jackets
  • FREE 1 set of Red Jacket Stickers