Poster Accessories


Washable Markers

All of our laminated posters are designed to be used with our washable markers. Red and Black washable markers.

Static Red Jackets

Bright red reusable jackets to be placed on the Red Jacket poster when your consultant has earned her "Red Jacket". They are of static material and you can write on them with washable markers. Also a great incentive to give to your consultants to remind them of their goal. The jackets will adhere to mirrors, glass, the refrigerator, etc.

Set of 3 jackets.....$1.00

Poster Portfolio

A 24" x 30" burgundy bonded vinyl portfolio with handles for carrying ease. It will hold all of your posters plus the easel. You look professional and so do your posters.  This portfolio is large enough to accommodate poster board.

Static Stars

1" dia. removable STATIC STARS in bright colors can be placed on the new ladder of success poster. "Star Consultant's" picture or name can be put on star. Stars can be moved up the ladder as orders increase. Names are removable from star if washable markers are used.  Can be used on the Ladder and Stairway to Success posters.

Star colors: Sapphire, Ruby, Diamond, Emerald, Gold

Set of 4 Stars...$1.00

Pearl Star

Pearl Level star at $4800 for the ladder poster

2 for $1.00