Lip Gloss Wands

These professional quality wands are great to demo your lip gloss from the sampler bubbles or directly from the lip gloss itself.

25 wands for $2.95

Compact Cheek Brushes

This attractive brush with natural hair is perfect to use when demonstrating the new mineral powder products.

Priced at only 6 brushes for $3.95, it's a great gift to give each of your customers to take home after their class.

Disposable Lip Brushes

Top quality camel hair brushes at an affordable price! 25 lip brushes per package.

Price: $1.95/pkg 

Disposable Liner Brushes

Top quality synthetic hair brushes at an affordable price. Perfect for demonstrating the Gel and Liquid @ Play eyeliners. $2.95/pkg of 25 brushes.